Sister Parish

Sister Parish in Tanzania

St. Joseph the Worker is in Ngundu, Tanzania, which is part of the Diocese of Same (sa-me), Tanzania. In 2014, Fr. Mat Vellankal reached out to his friend Fr. Alwyn D’Sousa who created a missionary school in the Diocese of Same, Tanzania. They spoke about Holy Spirit adopting a Sister Parish so Fr. Mat then contacted Bishop Rogath of the Diocese of Same to ask if Holy Spirit could receive a sister parish. Bishop Rogath gave us St. Joseph the Worker, the poorest parish in the Diocese. A great relationship with Fr. Samwel Mvati of St. Joseph the Worker was formed. In 2016, a group from Holy Spirit took a mission trip to visit St. Joseph and there have been other parishioners who have visited as well while they were in Africa.    

Our first donation in 2014 from Holy Spirit to St. Joseph was used for two purposes by Fr. Sam for his parishioners.  1. To build a Piggery for the “Youth of the Parish”, and 2. Establish a Woman’s Co-Op. The “Youth” are considered from age 14-34 and they are responsible for raising 2 pigs. One is for St. Joseph and the other is for their own family. Each woman who is part of the Woman’s Co-op contributes money monthly to the Co-Op.  The women meet for fellowship, advice, support and they are allowed to borrow money from the Co-Op for their family needs and then pay back their loan with interest. 

Our second donation happened in Spring 2016 when Holy Spirit raffled off a “Vehicle” to raise money for a “Vehicle” for Fr. Samwel to use to service his Parishioners. A vehicle allows him to minister to parishioners up to 20 miles away. 

Our third donation evolved while visiting the Parish in 2016. A commitment was made to them that we would support their children going to nearby private schools for the duration of their Primary and Secondary education.

1. 2016-2017 School Year, Holy Spirit donated money for 71 students who needed either partial or full scholarships based on the needs of the family determined by Fr. Sam. All monies were raised and this goal was fulfilled. Total money needed was $27,551.

2. 2017-2018 School Year, 73 students were given either partial or full scholarships because of the generosity of Holy Spirit Parishioners. We gave $28,650 in which over half was collected by parishioners attending the October 2017 Exultate Deo concert featuring The Philippine Saringhimg Singers.

Goals for our Sister Parish

 1. Have Fr. Sam come to Holy Spirit in Summer of 2018 to meet the generous people who have helped his community. 

2.    Explore helping St. Joseph the Worker build an outdoor overhang so when Mass is held outdoors, it would provide shelter from the rain.