First Communion

Sacraments of Initiation

First Holy Communion

The most venerable sacrament is the blessed Eucharist, in which Christ the Lord himself is contained, offered and received, and by which the Church continually lives and grows. The eucharistic Sacrifice, the memorial of the death and resurrection of the Lord, in which the Sacrifice of the cross is forever perpetuated, is the summit and source of all worship and christian life. By means of it the unity of God’s people is signified and brought about, and the building up of the body of Christ is perfected. The other sacraments and all the apostolic works of Christ are bound up with, and directed to, the blessed Eucharist.
–, FAQ about First Communion

Children age 7-16

Children prepare for receiving First Holy Communion in a two year program starting in the 1st grade and culminating in the spring of 2nd grade with the celebration of First Holy Communion. Children beginning after 1st grade will need to contact the Faith Formation office to register for an appropriate program.

Faith Formation

Adults age 16+

Adults wanting to recieve First Holy Communion do so through RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). To register or learn more, follow the link below.